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What happened to the band Ashes Remain?

On September 4, 2004, bass guitar player Ben Ogden left the group, and hand-picked Jon Hively as the band’s new bassist before leaving. Lose the Alibis was followed by Last Day Breathing on March 13, 2007 and the Red Devotion EP on July 22, 2009. In early 2010, Ashes Remain signed with Fair Trade Services.

Are there any ashes remain concert dates in 2022?

Unfortunately there are no concert dates for Ashes Remain scheduled in 2022. Songkick is the first to know of new tour announcements and concert information, so if your favorite artists are not currently on tour, join Songkick to track Ashes Remain and get concert alerts when they play near you, like 35081 other Ashes Remain fans.

When did ashes remain release their first album?

In the summer of 2003, Ashes Remain released their first independent record, Lose the Alibis. According to the band, the album moved around 2,000 copies in one year. On August 2, 2003, the band announced on their official website that they competed and won the “Philadelphia Regional Christian Artist Talent Search 2003”.


Is ashes remain still together?

Unfortunately there are no concert dates for Ashes Remain scheduled in 2022.

Who is the singer of ashes remain?

Josh SmithAshes Remain / Lead singer

What genre of music is ashes remain?

RockAshes Remain / Genre

How many albums does ashes remain have?

What I’ve Become2011Let the Light In2017Lose the Alibis2003Last Day Breathing2007Red Devotion2009, EPChristmas EP2012, EPAshes Remain/Albums

How old is ashes remain?

Artist Info Ashes Remain is an American Christian rock band, formed in 2001 and based in Baltimore, Maryland.

What is Ashes band?

Ash are a Northern Irish rock band formed in Downpatrick in 1992 by vocalist and guitarist Tim Wheeler, bassist Mark Hamilton and drummer Rick McMurray….Ash (band)AshYears active1992–presentLabelsInfectious Edel DeathstarMembersTim Wheeler Mark Hamilton Rick McMurrayPast membersCharlotte Hatherley8 more rows

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