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What happened to Westlife?

The group temporarily disbanded in 2012 after 14 years of success and later reunited in 2018. The group has released twelve studio albums: four as a five-piece and eight as a four-piece. They rose to fame with their debut international self-titled studio album, Westlife (1999).

Where is the group Westlife from?

Dublin, IrelandSligo, IrelandWestlife/Origin

Who is the leader of Westlife?

Shane FilanBorn5 July 1979 Sligo, IrelandGenresPopOccupation(s)Singer songwriterYears active1997–present7 more rows

Who are the singers in Westlife?

Shane FilanKian EganNicky ByrneWestlife/Singers

Why did Brian McFadden leave Westlife?

That was the last time the five of us were together.” Westlife fans’ hearts were broken when Brian announced he was leaving the band back in 2004. At the time he explained he wanted to spend more time with his now ex-wife Kerry Katona and their two daughters, Molly and Lilly-Sue.

What is Westlife best song?


Why is Westlife blacklisted in America?

The COAST TO COAST crooners have made several attempts to crack America, but have failed to impress across the Atlantic, and now bandmember Nicky Byrne claims they will never succeed in the US because radio bosses don’t like their image.

Does Brian regret leaving Westlife?

Brian McFadden has revealed he regrets missing out on making a fortune by quitting Westlife to pursue a solo career. The 35 year old singer’s post-Westlife career has been much less successful than that of his former Westlife pals Mark Feehily, Nicky Byrne, Kian Egan, and Shane Filan.

Who is the most popular member of Westlife?

Mark Feehily is one of the most successful pop singers of all time thanks to his many hits with Westlife.

Who is missing from Westlife?

Brian McFadden says he hasn’t spoken to Westlife for more than a decade. Brian McFadden hasn’t spoken to any of his former Westlife bandmates for 12 years. The 41-year-old singer suddenly quit the group in 2004 and embarked on a solo career, releasing his debut album Irish Son that same year.

Who were the 5 members of Westlife?

Mark FeehilyShane FilanVocalsKian EganVocalsNicky ByrneVocalsBrian McFaddenWestlife/Members

Are Westlife still friends?

Shane Filan has revealed that he is no longer friends with his Westlife bandmates, saying that they have “definitely drifted apart” since the band split.

Where is Westlife now 2022?

Westlife will be broadcasting their show from Wembley Stadium on Saturday 6 August 2022, live to cinemas across the UK and Ireland. This is the first time the guys have livestreamed a gig to cinemas, it’ll be an unmissable experience!

Where do Westlife members live?

Other than that, they have been catching up with the lads from Westlife on Zoom and keeping fit outdoors. Shane and Gillian have been sharing plenty of snaps from their antics, giving fans a glimpse of their home in Ballincar, near Rosses Point – and it looks gorgeous.

What does Brian McFadden do now?

Brian has recently been collaborating with former Boyzone star Keith in their project Boyzlife and they’re set to release a new album in May. The latest album, named Old School, is the supergroup’s first original material studio album. The duo released their first single The One in October 2021.

Where are Westlife from in Ireland?

It begins in a town named Sligo in the west of Ireland, Kian Egan, Mark Feehily and Shane Filan had performed in the school musical together, and after their success on stage, they decided to form a band.

How long did Westlife leave Cowell?

As of 2011, the group were the longest reigning band and second longest reigning number one music act in the 21st century in UK. On 14 March 2011, Westlife confirmed that they had left Cowell after 13 years and his record label Syco Music after nine years. The group cited Syco’s decision not to release a second single from Gravity as the reason Byrne felt it as another reason of being unloved,

How many tickets did Westlife sell in 2008?

On 28 March 2008, after 27 sell-out shows, in the space of 10 years and have sold 250,000 tickets. All four members were presented with a plaque cast of their hands, which can also be seen in the Wembley Square of Fame similar to Hollywood Walk of Fame. Then to mark their tenth year in music, Westlife staged a special 10 Years of Westlife, a sold-out concert at the world’s thirty-third biggest and Europe’s fourth biggest stadium, Croke Park, on 1 June 2008. which Egan described to be a “pop extravaganza”. It was only the second time for an Irish act to headline the stadium after U2. Filan confirmed that a corresponding live concert DVD would be released. The group announced that they would be on hiatus for a year after their Back Home Tour and that there would not be an album release in 2008 as they would be spending more time on the production of their tenth album. As promised, the group’s official website confirmed on 27 September 2008 the release of a DVD on 24 November 2008 entitled 10 Years of Westlife – Live at Croke Park Stadium which went straight to No. 1 on UK, Ireland, South African, Hong Kong and New Zealand Music DVD charts. As the group ended another successful tour, Walsh announced in the show Xpose that 1 July 2008 would be the official start of the longest hiatus of the group. He said that it will be a one-year break, from that day up to 1 July 2009. On 13 December 2008, while on a break, Westlife made an unexpected appearance during that year’s X Factor final where they performed “Flying Without Wings” with runners-up JLS. After the performance, Filan and Byrne were interviewed on The Xtra Factor with Boyzone’s Keating and Stephen Gately. As JLS also performed, “I’m Already There”, Westlife’s version of the song re-entered the UK Singles Chart at No. 63 while a new entry on Ireland Singles Chart at No. 47 due to extensive downloads only. In the last week of January 2009, a DVD entitled The Karaoke Collection was released. This is the first time Sony Music has released an official Karaoke disc for music videos in DVD format. On 27 February 2009 issue of Herald Ireland, Walsh revealed that Cowell had already picked three new songs which he believed would be instant hits. On 18 March 2009, Westlife won the Best Irish Pop Act on the 2009 Meteor Awards for the ninth consecutive time.

What album did the band Westlife release?

The group rose to fame with their debut international self-titled studio album, Westlife (1999). It was followed by Coast to Coast (2000), World of Our Own (2001), Unbreakable – The Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (2002), and Turnaround (2003), which continued the group’s success worldwide.

What was the Westside band called?

The new group, formed on 3 July 1998, was originally named Westside, but as another band was already using that name, the group was renamed Westlife. It was revealed that Walsh was already calling them Westlife before the Westside name came along. In Westlife – Our Story, Byrne revealed that, unlike the others in the group, he was keen to change the name to West High. McFadden also changed the spelling of his name to Bryan to facilitate signing autographs. They managed to secure a major record deal the second time around under BMG with all other record labels competed. They have signed a four million pound record deal with RCA Records. Westlife ‘s first big break came in 1998 when they opened for Boyzone and Backstreet Boys ‘ concerts in Dublin. Boyzone singer Ronan Keating was brought in to co-manage the group with Walsh. Later, they won a special Smash Hits Roadshow award at that year’s Smash Hits Poll Winners Party. Their first live television performance as a group in Ireland and worldwide was on the Irish TV series and the world’s second longest-running late-night talk show, The Late Late Show that had its broadcast on 13 November 1998. They performed ” Flying Without Wings “. The band then released an EP titled Swear It Again afterwards. Both recorded songs under Westside were produced by Steve Mac and written by Mac and Wayne Hector. Cowell chose the debut extended play and single with the guidance of his father, Eric Cowell, who stated then, “I think they will be big”.

Why did Brian McFadden leave Westlife?

Brian McFadden left Westlife for his family and later released his solo music.

What is Westlife famous for?

Westlife are one of the most successful musical groups of all time, among the highest profile acts in 2000s popular culture in most territories worldwide, and one of the few boy bands to have continued success after their commercial peak.

How many albums does Westlife have?

According to the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), Westlife has been certified for 13.1 million albums, 1.3 million video albums, and 10.4 million singles, with a total of more than 24 million combined sales in the UK.

1997–1998: Formação e o álbum de estreia

Em 1997, um anúncio foi colocado no jornal de artes britânico The Stage, pedindo para jovens cantores/bailarinos para uma audição para uma boy band de estilo com “atitude e borda”. Bob e Chris Herbert, os dois homens que já haviam criado as Spice Girls, pensou que era o momento certo para um grupo masculino.

1999-2000: Invincible e turnê

Em agosto de 1999, o primeiro single de seu segundo álbum, Invincible, a música de dança cativante “If Ya Gettin’ Down”, foi lançado e se tornou um grande sucesso em todo o mundo, mas mais uma vez não conseguiu ir para o número 1 em seu país de origem, mantidos fora do topo por Ricky Martin.

2000-01: Kingsize, partida de Conlon e a separação

Em maio de 2001, depois de muitos meses de escrita criativa e “desenvolver seu próprio som pessoal”, Kingsize foi concluída. Quando chegou a hora de começar a filmar o vídeo de seu primeiro single do álbum, no entanto, o membro da banda Sean ficou doente com febre glandular.

2006-10: Primeira reunião não sucedida e aparições

Em 17 de setembro de 2006, um anúncio foi feito através de cinco a página oficial no Myspace que uma conferência de imprensa era para ser realizado no clube The Scala, no centro de Londres, em 27 de setembro. Depois de uma mudança de local devido a um tiroteio no Scala, a conferência foi mudou-se para a Academia Bar Islington.

2012-2021: No The Big Reunion e saída de Abz Love

Depois de aparecer no The Voice UK em 24 de março de 2012 e deixando de fazê-lo após a fase de audição, Conlon reuniu com seus antigos colegas de banda para discutir a possibilidade de uma segunda reunião. Brown inicialmente estava disposto a participar da reunião, mas depois desistiu e alegou que não queria ser mais famoso.

2021-presente: Rebranding e novos lançamentos

No final de 2020, Five anunciou que iria embarcar em outra turnê Greatest Hits australiana em 2021, apoiada pela dupla pop australiana Sister2Sister. Em 1 de junho de 2021, Five postou em suas contas de mídia social que têm grandes notícias que serão reveladas em 3 dias.



Westlife is an Irish pop vocal group formed in Sligo, Ireland in 1998. The group currently consists of members Shane Filan, Mark Feehily, Kian Egan, and Nicky Byrne. The group temporarily disbanded in 2012 after 14 years of success and later reunited in 2018.
The group has released twelve studio albums: four as a five-piece and eight a…


Kian Egan, Mark Feehily and Shane Filan, all schoolmates in Summerhill College in Sligo, Ireland, participated in a school production of Grease with fellow Sligo men Derrick Lacey, Graham Keighron, and Michael Garrett. They considered it as the start of Westlife. The sextet formed a pop vocal group called Six as One in 1997, which they later renamed IOYOU. Before this, Egan was part of a punk-rock ban…


Westlife’s debut album and single coincided with the apogee of boy band popularity, and their success was most apparent in Ireland, the UK, and most of African, Asian, Australian and European continental countries. They had album certifications in Brazil, Mexico, Philippines and the United States as well. They had 13 worldwide concert tours and sold over 5.5 million tickets. In April 2001, over one million fans wanted to chat with the lads from 122 countries. Voted world…


Before their success, the band served as supporting opening acts for the boy bands Backstreet Boys and Boyzone. Since then, the group has recorded studio and live performances with music acts including Mariah Carey (“Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)”), Lulu (“Back at One”), Joanne Hindley (“The Way You Look Tonight”), Diana Ross (“When You Tell Me That You Love Me”), Donna Summer (“No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)”), and Delta Goodrem (“All Out of Love”), “If I …

Artistry and influences

Westlife have always been known as a vocal – harmony group and not a typical boyband as they are not known for dancing or any other typical boyband attributes. In fact, they’re mostly famous for sitting on their iconic stools and using their strongest instrument which is vocals to deliver a powerful performance. They are mainly a pop, pop/rock, club/dance, dance-pop, contemporary pop/rock group, mostly famous for their power ballads and mastered harmonies which set the…

Products and endorsements

Some of the products that Westlife officially released, aside from their music releases, include video games, Cadbury chocolates, books, calendars, and tour merchandise such as T-shirts, jewellery, stationery, toiletries, dolls, watches, clocks, mugs, duvets, wallpaper, key chains, and posters. Their second studio album Coast to Coast received additional products, mostly in Asia, that included MRT transport ticket, picture card calendar, postcard set, signed fold-out poster, glo…

Charitable support

The group has supported various charitable causes. They were involved in the “Helping For Haiti” charity single that was released in February 2010, as well as releasing a cover version of “Uptown Girl” for Comic Relief, one of their biggest selling singles to date.
They have participated in a Royal British Legion poppy appeal, Irish Blood for Life 2004 and did an advertisement for Galway’s Irish Water Safety campaign. They also lent their support to the Irish Bl…


• Shane Filan – main vocalist (1998–2012, 2018–present)
• Mark Feehily – lead vocalist (1998–2012), main vocalist (2018–present)
• Nicky Byrne – sub vocalist (1998–2012), (2018–present)

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