A cabal acaba em que ep de the blacklist


Is the Cabal on the blacklist?

Though the Cabal itself is not on the Blacklist, several of its senior members and operatives are, including Alan Fitch, Peter Kotsiopulos, Tom Connolly, Roger Hobbs, Leonard Caul, Matias Salomon, Karakurt, and Katarina Rostova. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

Who is on the blacklist on the blacklist?

The Blacklist é série americana criada por Jon Bokenkamp que estreou na NBC em 23 de setembro de 2013. É estrelada por James Spader, Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhoff, Ryan Eggold e Harry Lennix.

What is the Cabal?

The Cabal is a vast shadow government that has infiltrated several nation-states in both their governments and economies. Much about the Cabal (so named by Raymond Reddington) is only vaguely known.

Who are the 5 Cabal’s ex-employees?

Cabal Former Active 1 Ilya Koslov 2 Katarina Rostova 3 Leonard Caul 4 Matias Solomon 5 Raymond Reddington More …


Who killed the director in blacklist?

With Liz finally set free, Ressler hands Cooper his old post as head of the task force. With Hitchin’s permission, Reddington, kills the Director to rid the Cabal of a liability.

Who tortured Dembe?

Solomon is seen at the end of the episode holding Raymond Reddington’s bodyguard and driver, Dembe Zuma, hostage for torture.

Who is Pyotr in The Blacklist?

Mark Puchinsky159) (TV Episode 2019) – Mark Puchinsky as Pyotr (Young Man) – IMDb.

Who plays the CIA director in blacklist?

Cast overviewActorCharacterPositionRyan EggoldTom Keen/Jacob Phelps/Christopher HargraveCovert operativeParminder NagraMeera MalikField agent, CIAHarry LennixHarold CooperDirector of the Counterterrorism Division, FBI Special agent, FBI (season 9)8 more rows

Does Dembe leave Blacklist for good?

Dembe even said he was leaving, but he didn’t leave The Blacklist behind just then. Dembe returned for three more seasons since he threatened to exit, but fans are concerned he’ll leave again — for good this time.

Did Dembe leave Reddington?

“Red and Dembe’s relationship reaches a new low as Red blames Dembe for Liz’s death and Dembe blames Red for the tragic incident that resulted in Dembe leaving Red to become an FBI agent,” The Blacklist executive producer John Eisendrath tells EW. For Tawfiq, the hour is the highlight of working on The Blacklist.

What happened to Mr Solomon on The Blacklist?

Solomon was an agent of The Cabal, who turned on him. Solomon then organized a kidnapping attempt on Liz Keen (Megan Boone), but got away himself. The premiere of The Blacklist: Redemption will be the first time either character appears since the end of season 3.

Who is the blonde in blacklist Season 7?

Tatiana Petrova was a spy and KGB agent that worked under orders of Dominic Wilkinson during the final days of the Soviet Union. She worked alongside another KGB agent operating under Dom’s supervision, Ilya Koslov, who was a friend of hers as the 2 spies fulfilled several assignments together.

Where is The Blacklist set?

Washington, D.C.Despite being set in Washington, D.C., the series is mainly filmed in Montreal, Quebec and surrounding suburbs, and the same Manhattan studio where Law & Order was filmed for 20 years.

Is Raymond Reddington CIA?

Being a criminal evading capture takes skill, wit, and a team of lawless mercenaries watching your back. At least that’s according to NBC’s The Blacklist. Raymond “Red” Reddington (James Spader) gets by week after week with a little help from his friends. One of which has real-life experience working for the CIA.

What is the real identity of Raymond Reddington?

As the show progresses, fans falsely come to believe that Reddington is Liz’s biological father — only to learn that he has assumed the identity he currently sports, as the actual Red Reddington died years before. So, who is Red, really? Currently, his actual identity remains an unsolved mystery on the program.

Is Raymond Elizabeth’s father?

The Blacklist season 6 seemingly revealed the truth, revealing that yes, Raymond Reddington IS Liz’s father — but the man Liz knows isn’t Reddington.

Was Meera The Mole?

Meera was revealed to be the mole in the twelfth episode, “The Alchemist”. The following episode (“The Cyprus Agency”) she reveals she was acting under orders of Cooper, who had her leak blue prints of the “Post Office” on the pretense of a security upgrade.

Who is the Indian agent in blacklist?

Parminder NagraParminder Nagra is a British actress starring as CIA agent Meera Malik in NBC’s The Blacklist.

Who plays the female CIA agent in The Blacklist?

Parminder NagraBornParminder Kaur Nagra 5 October 1975 Leicester, EnglandOccupationActressYears active1991–presentSpouse(s)James Stenson ​ ​ ( m. 2009; div. 2013)​2 more rows


As the Cabal prepares to assassinate Liz, Red calls upon the task force to combine efforts to outmaneuver The Cabal to exonerate her. Red delivers a final ultimatum.

Did you know

The episode starts with “God’s Gonna Cut You Down”, a traditional folk song, sung here by Johnny Cash, from his posthumous 2006 album “American V: A Hundred Highways”. Before the closing credits we hear “Rise Up” by Andra Day, from her 2015 album “Cheers To The Fall.”

What did Liz and Leonard Caul find out about Aram?

Petersburg safe phone number) a while back that it was Caul’s blood that Red later found on the floor of the apartment Aram found the address to. Apparently, Caul was a former CIA agent known for his skills in blending in, but now he’s on the run. Through yet another favor from Tom “Skeeze” Connolly, Cooper gets Caul’s former supervisor to tell them that Caul came to her recently to say that he was scared about some business he’d gotten mixed up in with Raymond Reddington. Because Raymond Reddington devours lives—he makes them and he breaks them.

Who is Leonard Caul?

Who is Leonard Caul? Well, he’s the guy we keep seeing track Liz and Red’s every movement. He’s clearly a master or technology and tracking and we know this because his main move is to open a brand new laptop, hack traffic cameras to find how Red got away from the scene of the shooting, trace the car’s plates, and then destroy the laptop with some sort of magnet. It’s a high price to pay to track down someone who is actively looking for you, but when you’re the inventor of the Fulcrum, I guess perception—excuse me, I’m getting ahead of myself.

What happened to Red and Lizzie the last time they were together?

The last time we saw Red and Lizzie, one was bleeding out of his mouth as the result of a gunshot wound, and the other was firing back at the general direction of the fired bullet. Tonight, our first glimpse of Red and Lizzie is in a dark room where many, many pictures of them are being developed by what looks to be a highly skilled stalker.

Who orchestrated Red’s murder attempts?

For some reason, Liz immediately assumes that it was Leonard orchestrating Red’s murder attempts out on the street and at the warehouse, but he breaks it down for her: Shortly after Red contacted him through Fitch’s tip, the Cabal made an attempt on his life.

Can you track the quality of a Blacklist episode?

You can really track the quality of a Blacklist episode to how many lines Dembe has, no ?

How does Samar find Keen’s desperate need to avenge Tom’s death?

Samar finds Keen’s desperate need to avenge Tom’s death by committing felonies as romantic, stating how she would do “whatever it takes” to find her husband’s killer. This again reveals the connection Samar draws between romance and the felony.

What is the role of the Polyglot in Black Ops?

Working through redacted documentation on black ops budgets, she informs the team of the existence of an asset called The Polyglot, who can give meaning to otherwise indecipherable documentation. She also assists with identifying Linus Creel ‘s victims and chasing down the last triggered victim. Later, she provides Elizabeth with the results of genetic testing done by Creel.

Who calls Harold Cooper?

Luther Braxton calls Harold Cooper and uses Samar as leverage to get what he wants, threatening to kill her. He raises her noose so that her neck begins to break and she begins to choke. Cooper hesitates but gives the code to Braxton, who lowers Samar back down. Samar begins speaking Farsi to one of Braxton’s men and convinces him to let the dying man next to her down.

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The Task Force’s investigation into Arcane Wireless, an untraceable cellular network for criminals, leads to unexpected consequences. Red races against the clock to get a colleague out of trouble.

Current Episode (aired 20 Jan. 2022)

A spate of coordinated attacks on Red’s lieutenants puts Dembe in imminent danger, prompting him to relive the events that led him to join the FBI two years earlier.


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