A liga do açaí iaraqua


What happened to the broadcasting rights of the Copa João Havelange?

However, that decision was declined. In 2000, the broadcasting rights of the Copa João Havelange, organized by the Clube dos 13, were sold to Rede Globo for $50 million. However, the final of this competition in 2001, was marked by an unusual situation.

What are the broadcasting rights of the Brazilian Super League?

The league broadcasting rights are total exclusivity of Grupo Globo, which distributes the live matches for its television stations: Rede Globo ( terrestrial an satellite ), SporTV ( pay ), and the Premiere FC (through the system pay-per-view ), where subscribers have the privilege to follow all 380 annual league matches.

What is the name of the Brazilian Football League?

The official name was Copa Brasil (Brazil Cup), but it became known as Copa União (Union Cup). The Brasileirão had total club revenues of US $1.17 billion in 2012. This makes the Brasileirão the highest revenue football league in the Americas, and the highest outside of Europe’s “big five.”

What is the history of the Copa União?

The first television contract was negotiated in 1987, with only conveying the Green Module of the Copa União, organized by the Clube dos 13, the television rights were sold for $3.4 million to Rede Globo.


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