A patente do açai


Can You patent an AI algorithm?

In other words, you’ll likely need lots of innovative implementation details to obtain patent protection. For example, you might need to specify how you’re adapting the problem, or modifying the AI algorithm to solve the problem, in a way that isn’t obvious to a person of ordinary skill.

Who are the top patent assignees for AI technology?

The top patent assignees for AI technology tend to be generalists, with diverse portfolios spanning various techniques and applications. As the WIPO data shows, the top five leaders by portfolio size are: But when we look more closely within each specific field of AI, the top patent assignees tend to be deep specialists in that particular field.

Which field of AI functional applications dominate the patent market?

According to the WIPO report, computer vision (which includes image recognition) dominates the field of AI functional applications in terms of total patents filed: It comprises 49% of all identified patents. However, in terms of year-on-year growth rate in patent filings, the frontrunners are quite different:

Is artificial intelligence a patentable invention?

For example, taking a known problem and simply “using artificial intelligence” to find a solution is probably not a patentable invention in most cases, without more technical detail. In other words, you’ll likely need lots of innovative implementation details to obtain patent protection.


De quem é a patente do açaí?

O açaí foi patenteado em 2003 pelo Japão como propriedade da empresa K.K. Eyela Corporation. Somente em 2007 o governo brasileiro conseguiu cancelar o registro da marca. As autoridades brasileiras também foram à Justiça para questionar o uso da marca por empresas norte-americanas, alemãs e inglesas.

De quem é a patente do cupuaçu?

A Asahi Foods, além de pedir a patente do cupulate, já registrou o nome cupuaçu como marca no Japão, nos Estados Unidos e na Europa.

De quem é a patente da rapadura?

A empresa alemã Rapunzel patenteou a rapadura na Alemanha em 1989 e nos Estados Unidos em 1993. A Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil (OAB) vai tentar anular o registro da marca Rapadura feito pela empresa alemã Rapunzel Naturkost AG, segundo informações do Conjur.

Qual a família do cupuaçu?

MalvaceaeTheobroma grandiflorum / FamíliaMalvaceae é uma família de angiospermas que possui aproximadamente 765 espécies divididas em nove subfamílias, sendo encontrada por todos os estados brasileiros. É uma família pertencente à ordem Malvales, se localizando dentro do clado das Rosídeas. Wikipédia

Qual é a origem do cupuaçu?

Origem: Brasil. Ocorrência Natural: Amazônia brasileira, principalmente no Estado do Pará. Fora do Brasil é encontrado no Peru, Colômbia, México, Costa Rica, Panamá e Suriname, entre outros países.

What report offers us data into the number of jurisdictions AI-related patent applications have been filed in historically?

The WIPO report offers us data into the number of jurisdictions AI-related patent applications have been filed in historically:

What is AI in computer science?

But today, it’s generally understood to refer to computer systems that can perform tasks typically performed by humans. These tasks may include interpreting a physical environment or data, or using reason or logic to solve problems.

What is the WIPO report on AI?

The WIPO report, Technology Trends 2019: Artificial Intelligence, offers a comprehensive overview of current trends in the AI patent landscape. In this post, we’ll look at some key statistics from the report to identify the core areas where businesses are innovating — and where AI technology is heading.

Why should patent applications be ideally described?

To reduce exposure to patent eligibility issues, patent applications should ideally describe the concrete outcomes that AI produces in specific types of systems. In addition, there’s a risk that more and more AI inventions will be considered obvious (Section 103).

What percentage of patents are filed in computer vision?

According to the WIPO report, computer vision (which includes image recognition) dominates the field of AI functional applications in terms of total patents filed: It comprises 49% of all identified patents.

Who is Henry Patent Law Firm?

At Henry Patent Law Firm, our team has extensive experience assisting innovators with AI-related inventions to obtain strong, enforceable patent protection. Contact us now to find out how we can help.

Is AI growing fast?

The technology is undoubtedly growing fast, and this is reflected in a concurrent increase in patent activity. According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), more than half of all identified AI patents were published in the last five years. The WIPO report, Technology Trends 2019: Artificial Intelligence, …

Who is the owner of a patent?

In a patent application, the owner and inventor can be different entities. The person making an application to patent an invention is known as the “applicant”. If the application is accepted, the “applicant” becomes the “owner” of the patent. The applicant/owner of the patent is responsible for the filing of the application and if accepted, will be granted the monopoly rights over the invention which can be enforced against anyone infringing the patent.

Who rejected Dr. Thaler’s application?

The Deputy Commissioner of Patents (“ Deputy Commissioner ”) rejected Dr Thaler’s application on the basis that DABUS, an AI, cannot be named as an inventor under the Patents Act 1990 (“ Australian Patents Act ”). Dr Thaler then sought judicial review of that decision to the Federal Court of Australia (“ Federal Court ”).

Do you have to be a human to get a patent?

In the current discourse over the applicability of patent law on AI generated inventions, the consensus is that the applicant/owner of the patent must be a human . There are various reasons for this including clear wordings of patent statutes requiring an applicant/owner to be a human and the lack of true autonomy by an AI to be able to independently apply for and maintain a patent. On the other hand, there is less clarity on whether an inventor must be a human or not. This is the point of contention in the Thaler case.

Can an inventor be the owner of a patent?

The inventor can choose to be the applicant/owner of the patent, but the inventor can also assign the rights to a different entity. A traditional example is where employees assign their rights over their inventions to their employers when made in the course of employment.

Can an AI be named as the inventor?

At the Federal Court, Justice Beach held that an AI can be named as the inventor in the patent application and remitted Dr Thaler’s application back to the Deputy Commissioner to be assessed for formalities.

Is there value in incentivizing more AI generated inventions?

It is time for the law to acknowledge that there is value in incentivizing more AI generated inventions – whether through introduction of new laws, amendment of existing laws or judicial precedents . In the words of Justice Beach: “We are both created and create. Why cannot our own creations also create?”

Is AI a learning system?

Thus an AI is, in essence, a learning system. It is different from a software program where the output is based on a set of fixed algorithms. The implication is that it is possible for an AI to generate an output independently without human intervention.

What is AI in technology?

AI inventions also usually involve software code, or a process of how the software functions in order for the AI to operate. The AI invention could be focused on collecting data and then using that data to make decisions or to produce certain outputs. AI inventions also typically involve the use of specially formulated algorithms.

What is AI in science?

No headings were found on this page. Inventions based in artificial intelligence (AI) are very interesting because these inventions often incorporate a variety of inventive technologies. There is usually a physical device involved in an AI invention, such as a computer, medical device, sensor apparatus or some other physical hardware …

What is patent ineligible subject matter?

Patents are only granted for inventions that are based on patent-eligible subject matter, such as a machine, process, article of manufacture or composition of matter. Inventions that are not directed to one of these four categories of inventions are usually considered to be patent ineligible subject matter.

Can I patent AI?

Patenting AI-related technology is possible when you work with a knowledgeable patent attorney. Please do not hesitate to contact the patent attorneys at The Rapacke Law Group if you would like to discuss patenting your AI-related invention. Take advantage of a free initial consultation with one of our experienced patent professionals today.

Is an abstract idea patentable?

Abstract ideas are expressly not patent eligible and many software, computer and AI-related inventions are often considered to be abstract ideas, and thus not patent eligible. That is not to say that all software, computer and AI-related inventions are inherently abstract ideas – These inventions can get patent protection with some thoughtful …

What is a patent in APA?

Click here for APA 6th edition guidelines. A patent is a legal document acknowledging an invention as the intellectual property of its inventor. Though they fall under legal materials, references for patents follow standard APA Style, rather than the legal style used for things like court cases …

How to cite a patent in APA style?

To cite a patent in APA Style, list the name of the inventor, the year it was issued (in parentheses), the title of the patent (in italics), the patent number, the name of the issuing body, and the URL if available. Format. Inventor name, Initials.

Quando rinnovare la patente B?

La validità della patente B è di 10 anni sino al compimento del cinquantesimo anno di età, mentre per i soggetti con un’età compresa tra 50 e 70 anni il rinnovo del documento di guida dovrà essere effettuato ogni 5 anni. Per i soggetti con un’età superiore ai 70 anni il rinnovo deve avvenire ad intervalli di 3 anni.

Quando scade la patente 2022?

A seguito del prolungamento dello stato di emergenza Covid la scadenza delle patenti e dei fogli rosa è prorogata al 29 giugno 2022 su tutto il territorio nazionale.

Cosa sono i punti della patente macchina?

Dal 1°luglio 2003 è stato introdotto il meccanismo della patente a punti attraverso il quale ogni automobilista, al quale inizialmente vengono assegnati 20 punti, in caso di infrazione delle norme del codice della strada se ne vede togliere alcuni e dovrà superare nuovamente l’esame di teoria e l’esame di guida qualora dovesse arrivare a perderli tutti. Il numero di punti sottratti dalla patente macchina è stabilito dalla legge e varia a seconda della gravità dell’infrazione. Per recuperarli è sufficiente seguire dei corsi appositi presso un’autoscuola. Questo meccanismo affianca e non sostituisce le sanzioni già previste per le varie infrazioni.

Cosa si può guidare con la patente A2?

Tra i vari tipi di patente A previsti, la patente A2 è quella prevista per guidare motocicli con potenza massima di 35 kW che non superino il rapporto potenza/peso di 0,2 kW/kg. Si può ottenere la patente A2 dopo aver compiuto i 18 anni di età.

Quando si può ottenere la patente 125?

Questa si può conseguire non prima del compimento dei 24 anni di età o dei 20 anni qualora si sia in possesso della patente A 2 da almeno due anni. Per ottenere la patente 125, precedentemente indicato con la denominazione A3, oltre all’esame teorico si dovranno sostenere due prove pratiche: una su strada aperta al pubblico ed una tecnica in percorso con esercizi di guida. Il soggetto che sia già in possesso della patente B non dovrà sostenere la prova teorica ma soltanto l’esame pratico.

Quali moto possono guidare i guida a guida pratica?

L’esame pratico dovrà essere sostenuto alla guida di una moto con cilindrata non inferiore ai 400 cc e che abbia una potenza compresa tra i 25 e i 35 kW e un rapporto potenza/peso non superiore ai 0.2 kW/kg.

Quando si può fare la patente a guida attiva?

Questa tipologia di patente si può ottenere a partire dal compimento dei 18 anni di età ed a seguito del superamento di un esame diviso in una parte teorica ed una pratica di guida su strada. In caso di infrazioni alle disposizione del Codice della Strada si è soggetti alla decurtazione del punteggio.

Dove si trova il codice della patente?

I codici patente sono quei piccoli numeri che si leggono sul retro della licenza di guida. I codici patente di guida hanno subito un aggiornamento a seguito della Direttiva UE n.653 del 2015 recepita con il Decreto ministeriale del 4 novembre 2016.

Cosa rischia chi non rispetta queste prescrizioni?

Chi non rispetta queste prescrizioni è punibile con multe pecuniarie e sanzioni amministrative. Se la violazione riguarda le Modifiche del Veicolo, l’articolo di riferimento è il 125 comma 3. In caso di violazione riguardante il conducente (per esempio, se non impiega lenti e la patente impone obbligo di lenti alla guida) si fa riferimento all’articolo 173 comma 1.


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